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It’s Anna Week in the Frozen fandom, and I’m all in favor. Anna is easily my favorite Disney heroine, for so many reasons, almost all of them personal and biased.

We’re clearly looking through Kristoff’s eyes here, who’s catching Anna wearing his shirt and stuffing marshmallows in her face. Whatcha gonna do about it, boy?

For searlait, of course.

I’m reblogging this ‘cause fuck you that’s why






Favorite Characters - Vladimir & Sophie

god Sophia had a double chin and bingo wings and a booty like a shelf and she was still hot as fuck. and Anastasia was hot. and the empress was hot. All the ladies were pretty but totally different sizes and ages and things were wonderful.

Sophie wasn’t just on screen to be fat and funny. She was depicted as actually DESIRABLE. I was a little stick of a child when this movie came out and that definitely effected my views of beauty. As a much thicker adult it still means a lot to me now.


It made me SO happy to see a lady who wasn’t super skinny still being portrayed as being sexy and desirable…

We need more movies like this…with characters like this, who aren’t just treated like walking punchlines because of their bodies…


I was a teenager in the 60s, so I can’t resist anyone who turns something into a rock band, especially when it’s one of Frederator’s cartoon shows. –Fred


I edited my 60’s Adventure Time girls ! Look, Marceline is playing the bass ! And I thought LSP would be perfect as the lead singer of the band 

I can’t believe my first post hit 32.000 notes, that’s crazyyy ! Thanks everyone ! 

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